How Much Food2Soil Does My Garden Need?

At Food2Soil, a little goes a long way with our concentrated fertiliser. Knowing exactly how much Food2Soil to apply does depend on several factors including, soil quality, age of plants, your climate and plant production, but we’ve come up with a general guide to help you out.

So how much do you need for your garden?
At a general application of 1:100 (100ml to 10L bucket) a 4L bottle of our concentrated fertiliser Food2Soil bottle will feed (approximately):
  • 150-250m² of general garden soil (vegetables, ornamentals etc). Density varies depending on soil condition (problem soil requires higher density).
  • 25 large/ 50 small trees (amount varies depending on tree size, apply evenly under the entire tree canopy)
  • 500m² of lawn.
You may be thinking my garden isn’t big enough for applying a full 4L bottle at once – don’t worry, as long as it’s kept in a cool dark area, the brew will last for 12 months.

We recommend a monthly (or fortnightly for poor soils, plants or crops) application. If you decide on a 4L you will save money on shipping and to ensure you have 4 months’ worth of Food2Soil to feed your plants and soils!

In comparison:

2L Bottle of Food2Soil Original or Seaweed:
  • 75-125m² of general garden soil (vegetables, ornamentals etc).
  • 12 large/25 small trees.
  • 250m² of lawn.
1L Bottle of Food2Soil Original or Seaweed:
  • 50-100m² of general garden soil (vegetables, ornamentals etc).
  • 6 large/12 small trees.
  • 125m² of lawn.

Regarding application rates, to date plant benefits were the same for 1:100 vs stronger solutions of 1:50. However we are doing ongoing trials with different plants to determine if a stronger solution is required in different circumstances. If you wanted to try a variation in application rate this would most certainly be safe for your plant to do so. One of the great benefits of microbes is that they will self-multiply and continue to populate once you have introduced them.

Note: For seed drenching/soaking prior to sowing we recommend a stronger dilution of 25-50% with water.