A Bit About Us

We are Josie and Annabel, founders of Food2Soil. We make fertilizer from food waste to improve soil and plant health and help combat climate change.

Together we have a diverse range of experience in food, nutrition, permaculture, market gardening, sustainability and land regeneration. We joined forces over our mutual desire to reduce waste and do something positive for the planet. 

Through the Food2Soil process we are able to return nutrients and beneficial microbes back to soil (using upcycled machinery). We believe healthy soil is part of the solution for a better future for our children and generations to come. 

The core Food2Soil mission is to honour the earth.

Our Achievements

Cups worth of coffee saved from landfill so far.
Food waste saved from going to landfill so far.
Emissions of CO2-e (kg) saved so far.