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Want to do great things for your garden AND the planet?

Food2Soil is like "kombucha for soil and plants"
but made from food waste

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Affordable Prices

Food2Soil is competitively priced and a little goes a long way. Using Food2Soil will reduce the need and cost for other soil amendments.


We divert food waste from landfill, using Food2Soil will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Benefits Soil

We transform organic waste into natural fertiliser (also known as biostimulant) that will greatly benefit your soil and plants...Think kombucha but for your soil!

Contains Live Microbes

Just like the human gut, soil needs beneficial microbes, Food2Soil is full of these goodies.

Welcome to Food2Soil

“At Food2Soil we have a strong ethos to reduce human impact on the planet, that is why we developed a product made from 98% otherwise wasted resources, we even upcycle our equipment where possible”


Food2Soil is a complete cycle – We take nutrients from food waste and return it to soil so it can grow more food.

Food2Soil is like using compost without the mess, great for small gardens or balcony’s.

For a sustainable, ethical, quality product that makes sense all round, choose Food2Soil to boost the health of your land and help us help the planet.

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