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By choosing Food2Soil Organic Biofertiliser you are helping the world by:

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Buying a product that is proven to work and affordably priced

Supporting a better business for a better world

Reducing waste to landfill and greenhouse gas emissions

Using an “alive and nutritious” alternative to just seaweed tonic

Supporting locally made and ethically produced

Helping Greening Australia reach 500 million trees planted by 2030


Australian soils are amongst the most nutrient-poor and unproductive in the world.

Food2Soil is an organic, biologically alive fertiliser made from recycled food waste!  This means it contains LIVE microbes which transforms lifeless dirt, into productive soil.

For those who don’t have time or space to compost, Food2Soil is your solution (literally)… it’s compost on steroids!

Perfect for home gardeners, market gardeners, farmers and beyond who want to naturally feed their gardens and help the planet at the same time. We use the ancient practice of fermentation to turn organic waste into a rich nutritious probiotic tonic (also known as biostimulant).

Café food + Coffee waste → Fermented = Food2Soil

Just like the human gut, soil needs beneficial microbes to function at its best. Using Food2Soil fertilises plants AND feeds your soil, think “kombucha for plants and soil”. 

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Food waste is a dirty business!

Did you know that if Australia was to stack its commercial food waste on pallets, they would reach the international space station and back 14 times, and that’s only in 1 year and only commercial food waste!’ And, ‘ In Australia 7.6 million tonnes of food waste ends up in landfill every year, 2.5million of that is from Australian businesses alone.

Food2Soil turns waste into gold for you AND the planet!

We take commercial food waste to stop it going to landfill and emitting harmful greenhouse gases and ferment it into a brilliantly rich, natural plant and soil food that is an organic fertiliser for vegetables, roses, shrubs, fruit trees, potted plants, indoor plants and more…

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Food2Soil returns pre-digested food nutrients back to soil along with a robust
community of beneficial bacteria and fungi. These microbes enable the roots of
plants to absorb valuable nutrients required for growth and build soil structure.

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Food2Soil draws on many years of research done by scientists all over the world on the effectiveness of biological fertilisers. Biofertilisers are shown to be effective in boosting plant health by improving resistance to pests, diseases, heat stress and frost. The Food2Soil testing team has included renowned soil scientists, university lecturers, horticulturists, farmers and gardeners like us.

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Food2Soil 100% money back guarantee

We know you’ll love our products, but if for any reason you don’t, contact us for a full refund.

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