Microbes and your plants go together like air and breathing..

Why we need to understand microbes to understand plant and soil health.

By Annabel Schweiger, December 2022.

Without microbes, plants don’t survive, and without plants, microbes will slowly die. They depend on each other and have a symbiotic relationship, they need each other to survive (just like the human body needs gut microbes!).

Plants can not absorb all the nutrients they require on their own, they need microbes to help. Microbes live around plant roots, where they get the food/glucose they need. In return, microbes breakdown nutrients in soil making them bioavailable for plants to take up.

This area in the soil around the plants roots is called the “rhizosphere”, and we want it to to be jam packed with beneficial microbes.

Adding biologically alive inputs to your garden, plants or soils is the best thing you can do to help your plant rhizosphere.Food2Soil is your easy way to add microbes to soil and plants, plus help combat climate change at the same time.

Now is a prime growing time to give your plants a boost.

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Till next time.

Annabel from Food2Soil