Delizia Naturally & Food2Soil Team Up to Bring You a Brand New Gardener’s Soap – Repurposed & Quality Natural Ingredients!

We are so excited to share that this week we launched the Gardener’s Soap, now available to purchase with any Food2Soil fertiliser order. Below we share more about the maker behind this incredibly ethical product, and why we chose to team up.

Food2Soil Co-Founders Annabel and Josie met the wonderful Delizia, Founder of Delizia Naturally delivering a talk on soap making. They instantly connected to the fact that her business was so ethical and aligned with the Food2Soil ethos of ‘no waste’. They bought some products and went home to tes them out. Josie and Annabel were blown away!

We all agreed that Food2Soil customer’s and Australian gardener’s deserve an amazing quality soap. More so, they deserve one made from repurposed & quality natural ingredients.

So what makes this soap so important for Food2Soil customers?

“It is an excellent soap for getting off garden grime and it is reducing waste. Win, Win!”, says Annabel.

Similarly to Food2Soil, Delizia Naturally set out to create a business that helps solve the problem of waste. Delizia got busy repurposing food and coffee waste, as well as vegetable oils from local businesses.

“Sourcing the oil in this way means it is carbon neutral, is good waste management, is recycling a product and contributes to the local circular economy”, shares Delizia.

All soaps made are 100% safe and pH tested after going through an extensive filtering process. They are made with repurposed Sunflower and Beef Tallow, making this soap 100% carbon neutral.

If you’re curious about the soap making and filtering process, Delizia shares a behind the scenes video here.

Delzia’s products are genuinely the best soaps we have used on our skin in years. We are very proud to be able to offer this product to our Food2Soil customers!

You can try your own Gardener’s Soap when you order any Food2Soil product through our online shop here for $9.95 – and remember it’s BIG! (140g)