How To Use Food2Soil in Your Garden

Ready to transform your soil and plant health? We’re here to help you get the best results possible from our 5-star, highly concentrated biofertiliser.

So here are some helpful tips and FAQs answers before you get applying Food2Soil in your garden!

How Food2Soil Works?

We use the ancient practise of fermentation to turn organic waste into a rich nutritious probiotic tonic (also known as a biostimulant). Similar to human digestion, our process breaks down food into a form that plants can easily absorb.

Food2Soil also contains a robust community of natural live fungi and bacteria. These microbes build soil structure and health as well as enable plants to more efficiently absorb nutrients within the soil.

Biofertilisers are known to be effective in:
Boosting plant & soil health and improving resistance to pests, disease, heat stress & frost.

How to Use Food2Soil?

Always shake well before use.
Dilute Food2Soil with water (rain or unchlorinated water is preferred) following the below-recommended application rates for specific use.

A general application rate is 1:100 (100ml in a 10L bucket), this will cover at least 6m2.
The average watering can is 9 litres, so use 90ml of Food2Soil, which is the same as 4.5 tablespoons

When to Apply Food2Soil?

Apply monthly, or at least once per growing season, and less during the colder months season.
Best applied in the cooler parts of the day.
Use diluted product within 2 days.
Recommended usage of the bottle within 12 months

Recommended Application Rates
Food2Soil Nutrient Analysis
Frequently Asked Questions

See more product FAQs here.

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