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The third innovation from Food2Soil Australia, compostBOOST is Australia’s first compost accelerant and odour eater using rescued milk as a key component in its production.

The good bacteria in compostBOOST breaks down organic matter quickly and promotes optimum conditions for turning ‘waste’ into quality compost faster.

Food2Soil compostBOOST can also be used as an odour neutralizer in bins, animal ‘waste’ areas and other problem areas where good bacteria are needed, just add the diluted mix in a spray bottle and apply.

5 reasons why you can feel good about choosing Food2Soil:

  • ♻️ Made in Australia from commercial food waste. We are a ‘Better Business for a Better World!’
  • 🌱 Boosts compost processing, turning waste into quality compost faster
  • 🪱 Suitable for composting tumblers, bays, worm farms, hot composting, and fermentative composting*
  • 🐝 Safe for pets and wildlife
  • 🔬 Comprehensively tested & scientifically proven

*We recommend using the SPICE (Static Pile Inoculated Compost Extension) composting method here.

Safe for pets and wildlife.

Not for human consumption.

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Customer Reviews

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Felix MacNeill
Very Impressed

This is a really effective product! I make a lot of compost but am still stuck with using compost bins which were only ever okay previously - with Food2Soil compost boost the results are far quicker and better quality. I strongly recommend this stuff!