The Missing Ingredient to Disrupt Climate Change is in The Trash: Gerry Gillespie

Today we’re sharing a blog post about Gerry Gillespie, one of the Pioneers of Hydrolysate and Bio-Fertilisers that inspired Food2Soil founders, Josie and Annabel to start transforming food waste into bio-fertiliser for home gardeners and farmers.

Gerry wrote the compelling book ‘The Waste Between Our Ears’ in 2020, outlining how we can create a global solution to waste..and it starts between our ears. In order to restore our world’s ecosystems and our vital soils, he wants to change how we think about our waste.

“With chapters about source separation, soil management and climate change, and practical approaches to zero waste, Gillespie presents a practical, logical argument for one way to save the world and grow a local economy. In economic and environmental terms, clearly explains how, if waste were collected as source-separated products, more than half of it could be returned to soils as quality compost and biological products.

A very large percentage of the remainder can be put back through recycling, re-manufacturing and reusing. And it’s not just theoretical. Gillespie details how this reduction of waste is already being achieved in parts of the world and how we could do it globally … if we could only think differently.”

Here at Food2Soil Australia, we’ve been fortunate to get to know Gerry over the years and grow our passion and knowledge to help improve Australia’s poor soils and reduce food waste in landfill.

If you’re inspired to learn and read more, you can purchase Gerry’s book ‘The Waste Between Our Ears’ here:…/the-waste-between-our…