Venus Shell Systems & Food2Soil Join Forces for Sustainable Food Systems Transformation

11 April 2024


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Venus Shell Systems and Food2Soil Join Forces for Sustainable Food Systems Transformation

HUSKISSON NSW – Venus Shell Systems (VSS), a pioneering company specializing in the recovery and utilization of nutrients from food waste, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Food2Soil (F2S), an innovative enterprise committed to returning nutrients from food waste back into the food system through soil regeneration.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared mission: the transformation of food waste into valuable resources for sustainable agriculture and food production. As Food2Soil (F2S) enters the final week of its equity crowdfunding campaign, this partnership presents a unique opportunity for investors to support the future of sustainable food systems. VSS specializes in converting wet waste streams into high-value seaweed ingredients, offering a solution that not only reduces waste, but also creates a sustainable source of nutrients. Food2Soil diverts commercial waste from landfill using fermentation to create a liquid and solid biologically alive all-purpose fertiliser.

Venus Shell Systems (VSS) brings to this partnership a rich legacy of nutrient regeneration spanning over two decades. Specialising in the regeneration of nutrients, particularly nitrogen, within the food production system, VSS has established itself as a leader in sustainable agriculture solutions. However, VSS recognises that true regeneration can only be achieved by connecting the outputs and inputs of the food system. This is precisely where the partnership with Food2Soil (F2S) comes into play. By integrating F2S's unique circular economy business model and innovative process with VSS's expertise in nutrient recovery, the collaboration aims to create a first-of-its-kind closed-loop system. This involves establishing a pilot processes hub in Jervis Bay, that integrates waste-to-seaweed production systems and repurposing lost nutrients in the food system, which maximizes resource efficiency and minimizes environmental impact.

One of the key initiatives of this partnership is the development of a linking technology (Application Partnership Interface) that enables seamless integration between VSS and F2S systems. This innovation will streamline the process of nutrient recovery and distribution, further enhancing the sustainability and scalability of their operations.

Our partnership extends beyond the mere synergy of technology and mission; it encompasses a circle of regeneration. Originating from commercial food waste, where food waste is generated, through the transformative F2S technology and process, the waste is converted into valuable nutrients for our seaweed production. This clean, regenerated food, enriched with seaweed nutrition, then finds its way back to farmers and gardeners, where it contributes to a sustainable and circular food system. It's a testament to the regenerative potential of our collaboration and demonstrates how, through innovation and cooperation, we can create a truly sustainable future. Moreover, the long-term vision includes the incorporation of biogas energy and CO2 delivery from the F2S process into seaweed production systems, unlocking additional opportunities for renewable energy and carbon sequestration.

"This partnership marks a significant step towards realizing our shared vision of a more sustainable and regenerative food system," says Dr. Pia Winberg, CEO of VSS. "By combining our expertise and resources, we can address the complex challenges of food waste and nutrient management more effectively than ever before."

"We're thrilled to partner with VSS in advancing innovation and sustainability within the food industry. Together, we can make a meaningful difference for the environment and the health of future generations",  shares Josie Grenfell, Co-CEO of F2S. 

The collaboration between VSS and F2S showcases the transformative potential of teamwork in driving sustainable solutions for the food industry. Through their joint endeavours, they are forging a path towards a more regenerative and resilient future.

For more information about Food2Soil’s crowdfunding campaign with Swarmer Equity Crowd Funding visit

About Venture Seaweed Solutions (VSS): VSS is a pioneering company dedicated to transforming food waste into valuable resources through seaweed production. By harnessing the power of nature and innovative technology, VSS aims to create a more sustainable and resilient food system.

About Food2Soil (F2S): Food2Soil stands as a pioneering enterprise dedicated to reintroducing nutrients from food waste back into the food system via soil regeneration. Our approach harnesses the age-old techniques of fermentation in a truly innovative manner, redefining sustainability in the process



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