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Food2Soil With Seaweed


Food2Soil with seaweed is your year-round natural and organic fertiliser. The added organic and sustainability sourced seaweed gives it a little extra boost, useful for vegetables, lawns, fruit trees and fast-growing plants. It is full of live beneficial bacteria and fungi, as well as valuable nutrients and minerals. The Food2Soil nutrient composition is ideal for plants – being high in potassium, balanced with a good blend of nitrogen and not too much phosphorous.

Similar to the human gut, soil needs beneficial microbes to function at its best. We use the ancient practice of fermentation to transform food waste into a nutritious probiotic tonic, like kombucha, but for plants and soil. Plants grown in healthy soil are proven to be more resistant to pests, diseases, heat stress and frost.

Food2Soil diverts food waste from landfill, returns food nutrients back to earth and helps build healthy soil now and for future generations.

Safe for pets and wildlife.

Not for human consumption.

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