All-Purpose Biofertiliser — With Added Seaweed

Help fast-growing plants thrive with this natural biofertiliser that packs an added seaweed punch. Tests show 50% better plant growth compared to other common liquid seaweed fertilisers!

Why so powerful? Unlike other fertilisers, this biofertiliser is alive with billions of beneficial microbes. They work within minutes to boost plant growth and useful soil microorganisms. Plus, sustainably sourced seaweed stimulates strong root growth.

Great for year-round use on all plants. Extra beneficial for vegetables, fruit trees, microgreens, annual bulbs, and ornamentals such as roses, azaleas and camellias. Even lawns will love it!

This Aussie-first biofertiliser is made in Canberra from fermented food and coffee waste diverted from landfill.

  • Boosts plant health and reduces susceptibility to pests, disease, heat stress and frost.
  • Contains live microbes that transform lifeless dirt into productive soil.
  • Concentrated formula — a little goes a long way.
  • Safe for pets and wildlife.
  • Used by home gardeners, market gardeners, landscapers, nurseries, farmers and more.

Four sizes available — share an order with friends and save on shipping.

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  • Packed with 12 essential nutrients and minerals

    Food2Soil is the only fertiliser you'll ever need! High in potassium and balanced with nitrogen and phosphorous, plus other essential nutrients too.

  • Alive with billions of beneficial bacteria & fungi

    Unlike other fertilisers, our unique fermentation process means Food2Soil is alive with microbes. Because just like the human gut, soil needs microbes to thrive.

  • Proven to improve soil health in just minutes

    You'll see visible improvement in your plants within 7 days. Results show 50% better plant growth compared to alternative liquid seaweed products.

  • Comprehensively tested by soil scientists & experts

    Drawing on decades of global scientific research into the effectiveness of biological fertilisers, Food2Soil has been tried and tested by Microbiologists at UniSQ.

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A photo of Food2Soil All-Purpose Biofertiliser in front of a thriving organi vegetable garden.

Supercharge your soil health and plant growth — while helping reduce the 7.6 million tonnes of food waste dumped into Australian landfill each year 🙌

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Donna Mantellato
My plants are thanking me

Although it is winter, here in Brisbane it is more like spring and my plants are already coming out of dormancy. I used food2soil and the growth is much more lush and green.
I also transplanted a rose and it went into shock, but after using food2soil it has recovered nicely and almost overnight.
It is very smelly so it has to be good 👍. My mandavilla is also loving it. Flowering in Winter.


Very good product

Peter Turner
Great product, quick delivery

This product seems pretty good but it's a bit early to tell yet

Bronwyn Shore
Food 2 Soil Seaweed mix

Great product

Linda Fitzpatrick
Amazing product

We have used other liquid fertiliser but this is so much better

High-strength liquid concentrate

Food2Soil is designed to be diluted — a little goes a long way! For a standard 9-litre watering can, add 90ml (about 4.5 tablespoons) of Food2Soil. This will cover at least 6m2 of your garden.

  • An image of healthy organic lettuce growing in a veggie patch, with an 'Australia' outlined graphic in white placed over the top to signify 'Australian made'.

    Locally made on Ngunnawal country — Canberra region, Australia

  • Food2Soil's female founders and directors, Josie Grenfell and Annabel Schweiger.

    Women-owned and directed business

  • A photo of a hand holding rich soil, with a white B Coporation logo placed over the top.

    Certified BCorp, meeting high social and environmental standards 

  • A photo of Australian native tree foliage with a white graphic of a tree placed over the top, indicating that 1% of profits are donated to Greening Australia

    1% of profits donated to Greening Australia's ecosystem restoration projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food2Soil liquid biofertiliser?

Food2Soil is an Australian-first 100% natural plant and soil biofertiliser made in Canberra from fermented food and coffee waste saved from landfill.

Is Food2Soil safe for use on all plant types?

Yes! Food2Soil has proven to be beneficial for a wide variety of plants including fruits, veggies, ornamentals, indoor plants, lawns and even Australian natives. It is the perfect year-round, biologically alive, natural plant feed.

What are the application instructions for Food2Soil?

Food2Soil is a concentrated formula — a little goes a long way! Used at the general application rate of 1:100, a one litre bottle will make 100 litres of biofertiliser, enough to cover 600m2 of garden.

For a standard 9 litre watering can, add 90ml (about 4.5 tablespoons) of Food2Soil; this will cover at least 6m2 of your garden. As a seed drench, a stronger 50:50 dilution is advised, to help the seed come into contact with as many nutrients and microbes as possible.

Why are biofertilisers better than organic fertilisers?

Chemical-based fertilisers are best avoided in your garden, as they can lead to nutrient imbalances, water run-off pollution and reduced soil fertility over time.

Organic fertilisers provide useful nutrients to plants more safely because they are usually made from natural materials. But most organic fertilisers don't contain crucial microbes that bring soil to life.

Food2Soil liquid biofertiliser is even better than organic fertiliser — because it contains growth-promoting live microbes that improve soil health, stimulate plant activity and increase yields, all while being non-toxic to insects and animals.

Like the human gut, soil needs a combination of live microbes —including bacteria, fungi, nematodes and protozoa —to function at its best. It’s the difference between feeding your soil lemonade versus kombucha.

Why are live microbes so good for soil and plants?

Plants and soil microbes are symbiotic, meaning they each benefit one another. By using a biologically alive fertiliser such as Food2Soil on your garden, you’re teaming plants up with the live microbes they need to truly thrive.

These microbes help decompose organic matter, breaking it down into simpler compounds that plants can absorb. They facilitate the cycling of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur. The beneficial microbes can outcompete or inhibit harmful pathogens, reducing plant diseases and promoting healthier crops. Plus, microbial activity helps aggregate soil particles, improving soil structure, porosity, and water retention.

And because Food2Soil uses microbes rather than chemicals to enhance soil nutrition, it’s a safe and natural way to improve your soil health and stimulate plant growth.

How do I know Food2Soil biofertiliser is really alive?

Food2Soil has been comprehensively tested by several private laboratories as well as microbiologists at the University of Southern Queensland.

You will often see signs of microbial life via ‘floaties’ on top of the liquid. The bottle even has a vented lid to allow natural gases produced by these microbes to be released — ensuring there are no explosions due to so much microbial life!

What types of food waste is Food2Soil made from?

Food2Soil is made in Canberra from commercial food and coffee waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

These food scraps and coffee grounds are full of valuable nutrients, which are best returned to the soil — rather than being thrown into landfills where they rot and release methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Right now, if you were to stack all of Australia’s annual commercial food waste onto pallets, it would stretch the International Space Station and back 14 times! By purchasing Food2Soil products, you are directly helping reduce the impact of food waste in Australia.

How is food waste fermented to make Food2Soil biofertiliser?

We use the ancient practice of fermentation to transform food waste into a nutritious probiotic tonic — like kombucha, but for plants and soil!

Food and coffee waste from commercial enterprises such as fruit and vegetable shops is placed into large 7,000-litre tanks at our Canberra HQ, and then allowed to ferment for four weeks.

This fermentation process breaks down nutrients from food and coffee waste into forms plants can easily utilise. Plus, the resulting biofertiliser is full of live beneficial bacteria and fungi, which dramatically boosts microbial activity in the earth — transforming lifeless dirt into productive soil.

Is Food2Soil safe for pets and wildlife?

Yes! Food2Soil is 100% natural and completely safe for pets, wildlife, insects and reptiles. At full concentration it may irritate skin and/or eyes of animals, so best not to allow pets to drink it straight.

Does Food2Soil liquid biofertiliser smell?

It smells a little like earthy coffee spiked with fermented wine, with a rich molasses undertone. Some customers say it smells like you could drink it! But, of course, Food2Soil liquid biofertiliser is not for human consumption so we don’t recommend that.

Why is Food2Soil more expensive than other fertilisers at the hardware store?

Many so-called natural fertiliser products on the market are simply powders mixed with water to make them sprayable, before being bottled for sale.

In contrast, Food2Soil is naturally fermented for at least four weeks and then bottled by hand. Each step of the process is meticulously scrutinised to ensure our environmental footprint is as minimal as possible and that the resulting biofertiliser is ALIVE with beneficial microbes, full of the good stuff for your garden.

How should I store Food2Soil?

Food2Soil liquid biofertiliser should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Does Food2Soil have an expiration date?

We recommend using Food2Soil within 12 months of purchase for best results. Studies have shown it is effective for up to two years, depending on storage conditions.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship all Food2Soil products by Australia Post. The shipping fees set by Australia Post for our 1-litre, 2-litre and 4-litre liquid biofertilisers generally range from $12 to $30, depending on weight, and where you live.

Orders are hand-packed in our Canberra warehouse, and we aim to dispatch within three business days.

Buying our products in bulk can help reduce the relative shipping fee, so you might like to join forces with friends, family and anyone interested in soil, gardening and food waste, to share the shipping costs and collectively save.

How does the 100% money-back guarantee work?

We know you'll love our products and see excellent results in your garden. But, for ease of mind, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first purchase. If you are not satisfied with Food2Soil, contact us within 28 days of purchase and we will refund the product cost to you, no fuss. You can read our full Returns Policy here.