Food2Soil With Seaweed

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Food2Soil with Seaweed, a fertiliser unlike any other in Australia.

Food2Soil with Seaweed is your year-round soil and plant biofertiliser, the added organic and sustainability sourced seaweed gives it a little extra boost, useful for vegetables, lawns, fruit trees and fast-growing plants.

We are the only 100% natural biofertilser made from commercial food waste.

It works within minutes to boost soil health and you will see visible improvement in your plants within 7 days. Results show 50% better plant growth when compared with other seaweed liquid products.

Food2Soil is full of live beneficial bacteria and fungi, as well as valuable nutrients and minerals. The Food2Soil nutrient composition is ideal for plants – being high in potassium, balanced with a good blend of nitrogen and not too much phosphorous. Gardeners all over Australia are loving this product.

Food2Soil diverts food waste from landfill, returns food nutrients back to earth and helps build healthy soil now and for future generations.

5 reasons why you can feel good about choosing Food2Soil:

  • ♻️ Made in Australia from commercial food waste
  • 🌱 Boosts plant health and reduces susceptibility to pests and disease
  • 🍎 Appropriate for a wide range of plants including natives, flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, & more*
  • 🐝 Safe for pets and wildlife
  • 🔬 Comprehensively tested & scientifically proven

Not for human consumption.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Linda Fitzpatrick
Amazing product

We have used other liquid fertiliser but this is so much better

Oka Property Maintenance

Awesome product 🤩🤩🤩

Rachel Tonge

Our garden has never looked better!

Minh Trinh
Worked a treat.

Worked a treat.

Mick Allen
Amazing product - far better than any alternative

I have a lot of potted plants/trees that I’ve been waiting for better climatic conditions to plant out. I used Food 2 Soil on everything about 1 month ago.
I have now started to plant these trees, some advanced and I could not believe the increase of new roots in the pots. The foliage also freshened up and started growing extra well! I use it on my Vegetable garden at planting and seedlings in flower beds. Just amazing. Thankyou.