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Food2Soil is a fertiliser unlike any other in Australia.

Food2Soil is your year-round all-purpose soil and plant biofertiliser, we are the only 100% natural biofertilser made from commercial food waste.

It works within minutes to boost soil health and you will see visible improvement in your plants within 7 days. Results show 50% better plant growth when compared with other seaweed liquid products.

Food2Soil is full of live beneficial bacteria and fungi, as well as valuable nutrients and minerals. The Food2Soil nutrient composition is ideal for plants – being high in potassium, balanced with a good blend of nitrogen and not too much phosphorous. Gardeners all over Australia are loving this product.

Food2Soil diverts food waste from landfill, returns food nutrients back to earth and helps build healthy soil now and for future generations.

5 reasons why you can feel good about choosing Food2Soil:

  • ♻️ Made in Australia from commercial food waste
  • 🌱 Boosts plant health and reduces susceptibility to pests and disease
  • 🍎 Appropriate for a wide range of plants including natives, flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, & more*
  • 🐝 Safe for pets and wildlife
  • 🔬 Comprehensively tested & scientifically proven

Not for human consumption.

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Customer Reviews

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Catherine C
Food 2 Food

I love that my vegetable garden is nourishing us while I nourish it. Food2soil is such an innovative concept. A complete plant food to feed the garden that feeds us.

I love this

Wow, it has a potent smell but it's amazing!!
I bought food2soil for all my family for Christmas and I've heard back from my mum saying she has flowers on her peace lily for the first time since she got it over 5 years ago.
I love this for the same reason, my plants are happy and healthier than they've ever been ❤️

john harris
Yet to be convinced

I am still waiting for evidence so waiting for the results.

Love it - it's amazing

I used 8ltrs of F2S in the first weekend I had it - did my entire yard. I have since gone back for 8ltrs more and also now trying out chocolate and all it's thick goodness. I love it all and I can see the difference in my garden. I use it for transplanting and also if any plant is looking even a little bit unwell - it gets a dose as well.

Hi Karen,

Thank you for your 5-star review of our product Food2Soial Original

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Annabel and Josie

Food2Soil Australia

Allerdale Urban Farm QLD
F2S Org

Well its only been a few week but Im definitely seeing results… just ordered some more…