Food2Soil Chocolate

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Food2Soil is a fertiliser unlike any other in Australia.

Food2Soil is your year-round all-purpose soil and plant biofertiliser, we are the only 100% natural biofertilser made from commercial food waste.

With all the goodness of Food2Soil Original, our new product, Food2Soil Chocolate is a special, thick blend, full of organic goodness for your plants, and soil. Your worms and other garden helpers (microbes and macro fauna) are going to particularly enjoy this product.

This product is designed to boost the health of your soil life! –  It is a byproduct of the process that separates the liquid from the fermented solids, and therefore contains more organic solid matter, making it more viscous, like melted chocolate!

Food2Soil diverts food waste from landfill, returns food nutrients back to earth and helps build healthy soil now and for future generations.

5 reasons why you can feel good about choosing Food2Soil:

  • Made in Australia from commercial food waste
  • Boosts plant health and reduces susceptibility to pests and disease
  • Appropriate for a wide range of plants including natives, flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, ornamentals, & more*
  • Safe for pets and wildlife
  • Comprehensively tested & scientifically proven

Apply Food2Soil Chocolate just like you would Food2soil original, the only exception being that it won’t work in a spray pack due to its thickness. Just add to can, or bucket, dilute with water and away you go.

Not for human consumption.

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Customer Reviews

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Jodie Lewis
Loved the thickness

I'm a F2S original fan, but i enjoyed the Chocolate variety, feels like my plants are getting even more goodness.

Wendy Whiteman
Best Product

I use the Food2Soil natural and it really works. I purchased some hedge plants that didn't look too healthy with drying leaves and branches. One week on and all green and growing really well. Also has been amazing on all plants and vegies. Only wish I could purchase locally but hope on time it will get picked up by a local business